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Goosehill Hall Holiday Cottages Handbook

House rules (boring but important)

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SAFETY, PRIVACY  We aim to provide and maintain a safe, secure and healthy environment in both Goosehill Hall and the Cottages for our guests.  Whilst you are here we will respect your privacy whilst always having someone contactable should you need help.


Please respect the privacy of other guests and those living in Goosehill Hall.  Please stay out of areas next to the Hall.  Access to these areas is for the owners and may include areas where renovation work is still going on. 


Take care when driving on site and watch out for other visitors of all ages.  Please use the allocated parking spaces and do not park in the courtyard.


NO SMOKING   Goosehill Hall Holiday Cottages is a NON-SMOKING site.   Please note that if evidence of smoking is detected in your cottage, you will be charged an additional cleaning fee of up to £100.

NO CANDLES OR TEA LIGHTS   Please do not use candles or tea lights inside the cottages.  This helps reduce the risk of fire.  


NO PETS PLEASE  No pets are permitted.  In this way we can ensure that the sheep who are in the field outside the cottages remain safe. Please find an alternative “holiday accommodation” for your pets.   NB. This policy does not apply to registered assistance dogs.  This also applies to your visitors


LIABILITY  Whilst we have taken steps to help ensure your safety, we are NOT responsible nor liable for any injury, or loss or damage to your belongings during your stay. 


CLOSED CIRCUIT TV  CCTV is installed at a number of places on site to record any unauthorised access, for the protection of us all. The images are stored for a month or so.


DAMAGE TO THE COTTAGES  We all have accidents from time to time.  If any item in the cottages is damaged or does not work please do let us know. 


Our policy is not to charge you for minor breakages.  We do, however, reserve the right to take payment using the credit card details you have supplied where the cottage or its fittings have been seriously or maliciously damaged or stolen, requiring replacement, repair or additional deep cleaning. Should this be necessary we will, of course, endeavour to inform you.


KEYS   If you accidentally take the key with you at the end of your stay, please contact us (by telephone) to let us know that you have it and that you will post it back to us.  A lost key may incur a replacement fee.

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