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Goosehill Hall Holiday Cottages Handbook

In your Cottage

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You are responsible for sorting and emptying your rubbish. There are bins to help you in the cottage.  When full, please empty them in the appropriate bin in the car park. 


Before they check out, guests are required to empty all rubbish into the correct bins outside. Do not mix recycling and general waste.  Please squash plastic bottles and flatten boxes. No-one else should need to touch your waste. You may wish to bring extra bin bags.  

Our local recycling rules are set out below:


WIFI  The wifi name (SSID) is GHCottages.  The password is Goosehill

Wifi TV

TELEVISION   The television comes with Freesat, a NowTV box for catch up TV (BBC iPLayer, ITV Hub, 4oD, 5 On Demand and You Tube) and an integral dvd player.

To watch: Use the TV remote control to switch on the television set (and switch it off).  It also can control volume.  Once the TV is on, it will tell you on the screen which is the source of the signal – Freesat, Now TV or DVD.

On the TV remote press the HDMI or SOURCE button: HDMI 1 is for Freesat.  HDMI 2 is for catch up (ie NowTV or Roku).  For the DVD player press the DVD button.


To control Freesat Use the black Manhattan/Freesat remote control.  Guide gives you the list of channels.  P^ and Pv buttons move the channel one up and one down.

NB Although the Barn TV has “Freeplay” – Freeview’s on demand option, and says it is Smart, it isn’t – we do not get a sufficient Freeview signal.

To control catch up use the black and yellow NowTV remote control.  Press the Home button, and select the catch up service you require.  If at any point you get “stuck” in the wrong place, press home.

THE OVEN Set the temperature and then press the OK button. (Otherwise it won't switch on!)

HEATING  The Cottages have underfloor heating, powered by a Ground Source Heat Pump, a renewable source.  The thermostats are set to keep the cottage comfortable, particularly at either end of the day.  You can change the target temperature by up to 4 degrees up or down, (see below for details).  Please note that the temperature of underfloor heating only changes slowly and so, unlike conventional radiators, it can take longer to feel the effect of adjusting the thermostat.


The thermostat normally shows the current temperature. To change target temperature, press one of the arrows (v ^) on the right hand side of the thermostat.  Move it up or down  to the temperature you require. Press the tick sign to confirm. The system will now aim to get to the new temperature. The display will revert to showing the current temperature.


HEATED TOWEL RAIL  There is underfloor heating in each bathroom, and a heated towel rail.  The controller for the towel rail is near the bathroom door.  To switch the towel rail on, press the button.  Press once for 30 minutes, twice for 60 minutes, three times for two hours, and again to turn it off.

Heated Towel Rail.png

SHOWER (Smaller cottages)

In the larger cottages the showers are straight forward.  In the smaller cottages the shower is an electric thermostatic shower.  To operate:

  • pull the cord (outside the shower cubicle) to switch on the power supply

  • push the start/stop button

  • turn the power control to Low, Eco or High and adjust the temperature control.


When finished

  • push the start/stop button again.  The shower will stop after a few seconds
  • pull the cord (outside the shower cubicle) to switch off the power supply.
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