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The History of Goosehill Hall


Goosehill Hall and The Coach House can be seen clearly in the background of a 1743 line drawing of Peak Cavern. Some say that parts of the Hall date back to the 14th century.  The Hall has been altered many times over the centuries.  The biggest change was the addition of the tree-lined drive, the owner could arrive in style.


Like many old properties, tales of ghosts abound.  Neither the grey lady nor the phantom horse noted in the history books have been seen by the current owners.

The Renovation Project

In 2012 John and Helen Whitfield bought Goosehill Hall and have restored it to former glories.  The first phase was the Hall itself, using craftsmen to restore each room sensitively to a proper historical context.  The cottages were the next projects, followed by the landscaping and gardens.  The final project has been to convert the old pool.  It was built in the 1960s and has now been adapted using traditional stone and modern materials (zinc cladding) - a modern statement alongside historic treasures.

A Sustainable Building


The Hall has been part of Castleton for centuries.  Sustainability has been built into the renovation.  In particular technology has been used to reduce the use of fossil fuels and its impact on the environment.


  • Heating and hot water comes from ground source heat pumps, drawing heat from the earth below the Hall

  • Solar PV cells provide electricity

  • A (most scenic) electric car charging point is available

  • Rainwater is collected to flush toilets and to water the garden.

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