Goosehill Hall Holiday Cottages Handbook

Coronavirus Measures

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Updated 9th April 2021


Our objective is always to operate Goosehill Hall Holiday Cottages safely for guests and hosts (including cleaning and laundry staff).  The Coronavirus pandemic guidance has made us change the way the cottages operate so that they can stay “Covid-Secure”.  The changes are designed to help ensure social distancing and to reduce the number of high-touch points, being the highest risk areas for virus transfer.


We expect that you will share our objective.  We have a duty to our guests; we expect you to follow the guidance below and respect other guests on siteWe also expect you to adhere to national guidance and laws relating to Coronavirus / Covid-19, including those relating to social distancing, regular handwashing, using hand sanitiser and the maximum number of households in each building or garden. 

Please also remember that guests in other cottages will have their own view of their risk from Coronavirus.  Please respect all of our other guests, always leaving appropriate distance and not blocking the way for them.


We have updated our Terms and Conditions to refer to this document.  If you do not comply with them, you will have unnecessarily increased the risk to hosts and other guests.  We reserve the right to make an additional charge.


Before you come

  • Please send in advance the names and email address or phone number of everyone over 16 in your party.  This is a new government requirement.

  • Check in is normally after 5pm. Please tell us when you expect to arrive. 

  • The table capacity of the pubs and restaurants is substantially reduced.  Consider whether you need to do more “self-catering” in the cottage.

  • The local village food shops are open.  However you may wish to bring more of you supplies for the stay from home.  In addition to food remember to bring dishwashing tablets, washing up liquid, soap for the bathrooms, hand sanitiser and toilet rolls.

  • The cottages provide basic cooking pans and utensils.  Bring any extra that you may need.


When you arrive

  • It is important that our parking area does not become a place for mass gathering, so we like to know when you expect to arrive.  If two or more parties arrive in close succession we may ask you to stay in the car until the earlier guests have unloaded luggage and cleared the parking area.

  • We will show you to the cottage and open it up.  We will not enter the cottage – your keys will be inside.

  • Please unpack cars in the allocated space straight away to enable the next guests to start the process.

  • All guests should scan the QR code (available on arrival) with the app on their phone.


During your stay

  • Returning guests will notice that several things in the cottages have been removed.  We are following industry guidelines to remove inessential high touch items. This includes hand soap pump pots, most cleaning materials, the hairdryer, the iron, face flannels, the fruitbowl, and the cottage handbook which is now electronic. 

  • To ensure we do not re-enter the cottage after it has been cleaned and sanitised we will not supply the complimentary welcome drink ingredients - tea, coffee, milk and biscuits.

  • No day visitors to the cottages other than by arrangement in advance.


Shared facilities 

  • The boot room will no longer be available to guests (except for guests in the Gardener’s Cottage who do not have a washing machine or dryer in the cottage).  We can provide a locked outside store on request for each cottage.

  • Take care at the touch points that will be used by all cottages – opening the outside waste bins and opening the gate into Goosehill.  (Walking down the main drive avoids the gate)


Before you leave 

Please ensure you have left the property before 9:30.  We need the extra time so that we can clean and sanitise before the next guest.  Before you go, please

  • Wash up, dry and put away all used crockery, utensils and kitchen equipment or set the dishwasher going.

  • Empty all rubbish into the correct bins outside. Do not mix recycling and general waste.  Please squash plastic bottles and flatten boxes. No-one else should need to touch your waste. You may wish to bring extra bin bags. 

  • Put all bed linen from the beds you have slept in (sheets, pillow slips and duvet covers) into the laundry bag provided and fasten up the bag.  Do not include linen on beds that have not been slept in.

  • Please leave mattress and pillow protectors on the beds as these items are laundered separately.

  • Put all used towels into the shower. 

  • Open all windows to ventilate the building and leave the keys inside on the dining table.

  • Please phone or text (07711 172182) when you leave, so that we can start the cleaning.



If one of your party may have the Virus

If you become aware that one of your party has the Virus or is being required to isolate …


  • If this is before you come, please do not come.

  • If this is during your stay you must immediately inform us and return home to isolate. All waste from your cottage must be double bagged before your departure. You should bring extra bin bags in case this is necessary.

  • If this happens within two weeks of staying in the cottage please let us know. 


If we are contacted by Test and Trace after your stay we will pass on details of the lead guests on site at the time of your stay. If you are contacted by Test and Trace you may pass on our details if appropriate.